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Russian Creative Team Takes Food Packaging to a Whole New Level

A team of Russian inventors has taken food packaging to a whole new level, inventing a unique cardboard egg packaging that not only carries a single egg, it also cooks it. The team, known as KIAN, fielded the winning entry in a design contest between members of the European Packaging Design Association. The packaging, designed by Evgeny Morgalev, is named the “Gogol Mogol” after a popular traditional Russian egg dish.

The special four-layer packaging contains a chemical in one layer that generates heat when triggered by water in another layer. According to the Times of India, “The outer layer is made from the sort of paperboard traditionally used to make egg boxes. Beneath this there are three more layers. One is infused with calcium hydroxide and other chemicals, and the other is a ‘smart layer’ containing water. Between these two inner layers is a membrane which is removed by pulling a cardboard tab. Once this is taken out, the calcium hydroxide reacts with the water in the smart layer to generate enough heat to cook the egg inside.”

The egg cooks in two minutes. The heating process will last for up to three minutes. Those who prefer a soft yolk can remove the egg from the container earlier than those who prefer a hard-cooked egg.

The package design enables the eggs to be arranged and displayed vertically, also saving space in consumers’ shopping bags. The eco friendly packaging is made from recycled materials, and according to a KIAN spokesperson, is aimed at environmentalists with a healthy lifestyle. No food company has stepped forward yet to use the unique food packaging in the marketplace.

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