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About Stone Paper®

Initially developed in the late 90′s, Stone Paper® disrupts the status quo in the manufacturing process to produce renewable material substrates out of minerals.

Our goal starts with global awareness of an alternative industry leading the next generation to a more sustainable and healthier environment.

Pursuant to this goal, it is our view that rainforest protection has a direct positive impact on climate change management.

Mineral based substrate production techniques used for Stone Paper® products differ from traditional nonrenewable processes through the exclusive use of blend of mineral powder and a small infusion of a non-toxic resin. As a result our mineral substrate production process uses no trees, creates no water pollution, and lives without any harmful gaseous waste. Alternative mineral paper-like material is amongst the substrate’s many forms of alternative products.

Intellectual properties for this revolutionary product are protected globally in major and emerging markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, Taiwan, and USA.

Stone Paper® products are not only an alternative, but they are THE product which has the lowest impact on our green planet. Therefore it’s affordability and price competitiveness is of utmost importance.