About Stone Paper®

Initially developed in the 90′s, Stone Paper® is the extension of our commitment to environmental responsibility, which originated with our entry into eco-friendly industry.

Our goal starts with global awareness of an alternative industry leading the next generation to a more sustainable and healthy environment.

Pursuant to this goal, it is our view that paper and its production process leads to deforestation as well as grave environmental damage to our planet.

Stone Paper® production technique differs from wood pulp papermaking process through the exclusive use of blend of mineral powder and a small infusion of a non-toxic resin. As a result Stone Paper® is produced using no trees, creates no water pollution, and does not create any harmful gaseous waste.

Our revolutionary Stone Paper® production technology is patented in 40 countries including Australia, Canada, China, Europe, USA and South Africa.

Stone Paper® is not only an alternative, it is THE product that has the lowest impact on our green planet. Therefore it’s affordability and price competitiveness is of outmost importance