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Stone Paper Presents: The Effectiveness of Polymer Mineralization on Climate Change

JOIN US! This December 22nd at 2pm PST as we will be discussing “The Effectiveness of Polymer Mineralization on Climate Change” Learn about the benefits or lowering polymer in manufactured products and how to safely replace them, thanks to our… Read the rest

Sustainable agriculture: Green packaging for better farming

Agriculture was the key sector development in the rise of sedentary civilization. It is now a $2.4 trillion worldwide industry with billions of people employed and five billion hectares of dedicated land. In the US alone, agriculture contributes $1.109 trillion… Read the rest

How to really do sustainable design in 2021

Beautiful, functional and sustainable buildings? Yes, please! From the Valley in the Netherlands to the Aquarela in Ecuador, 2021 post-pandemic architecture around the world is innovative, green and socially conscious.           Unlike the name may suggest,… Read the rest

How to stay in style while being sustainable

Paris Fashion week is here and sustainability is the word of the season! Luxury brand, Chloé, creates one of the biggest sensations of the week with an eco-chic collection that addresses climate change and environmental urgency.        … Read the rest

Health Experts: Wash Reusable Tote Bags Used for Grocery Shopping

Health experts are continuing to warn consumers who use reusable bags for grocery shopping of the need to properly clean their tote bags, especially if they were carrying meat, poultry or unwashed produce. In one 2010 study conducted by California’s… Read the rest