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Environmentally Friendly Stone Paper®

Stone Paper® Shopping Bags

We all know that “you can’t get blood from a stone”, but did you know that you can get paper? figuratively of course. Not just any ordinary paper, but ecofriendly, waterproof, fire resistant, tear resistant, grease resistant paper?

Contrary to its name, Stone Paper® is soft and subtle, with a clean, attractive, natural white colour. Stone Paper® is made from a blend of mineral powder and a small amount of non-toxic, recyclable resin bonding agent (high density polyethylene).

The primary ingredient in ecofriendly Stone Paper® is calcium carbonate (CaCO3), one of the most plentiful elements on earth, and the principle component in many types of minerals, from chalk through marble. Calcium carbonate has long been a preferred mineral for filling and coating in the paper industry, valued for its ability to increase paper’s brightness, smoothness, gloss and durability.

Depending on the application, Stone Paper® is up to 80% calcium carbonate. Paper from natural element is environmentally friendly – non-toxic, recyclable and photodegradable. There is no wood, pulp, acid, bleach or waste water used in its production, conserving energy and reducing carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions linked to global warming. One ton of Stone Paper® saves 20 trees and 16,000 gallons of water.

Stone Paper® is even FDA food grade certified, making them ideal for food packaging. Their primary ingredient, calcium carbonate, is found in a variety of products including calcium supplements, antacids, baking powder, dough, dessert mixes, toothpaste, animal feed and even wine. Calcium carbonate is so gentle it is even used in disposable diapers for babies.

Paper from rich mineral is available in a variety of thickness and sizes, from paper thin to as thick as cardboard. Although paper with a high quantity of calcium carbonate can’t be digitally or laser printed, it can be offset printed with excellent results. Durable paper made from minerals can be gusseted, heat sealed, sewn, mounted with grommets, and outfitted with hemp, nylon, rope, or cotton to make just about anything you can imagine.

The uses for innovative Stone Paper® are endless, but some of the more obvious ones are safe and durable eco-friendly food and other packaging and labels; bacteria resistant reusable grocery bags; indoor and outdoor signs, posters, banners and displays; everyday items like menus, calendars, brochures, maps, wrapping paper, manuals and notebooks, and even industrial molds and casting.

Perhaps surprisingly, Stone Paper® is also competitively priced. In fact, when used in volume, such as for packaging products, paper made from minerals is more affordable than conventional paper. This revolutionary Stone Paper® making technology is now patented in 40 countries over several continents, including Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The use of paper made from minerals is expanding by leaps and bounds as more consumers and corporations become aware of its existence. As people and governments become more and more aware of and concerned about threats to the environment, consumers and manufacturers alike are focusing on eco friendly products and packaging.

An environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, photodegradable product with no apparent downside whose uses are limited only by the imagination, durable, versatile Stone Paper® is an idea whose time has truly come.


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