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Go Green: Throw Away Your Current Approach To Packaging

Deloitte recently released an in-depth report on sustainable packaging titled, Thinking Outside The Box: Throw Away Your Current Approach To Packaging. Deloitte is a well-known umbrella brand providing consulting, financial advisory and related services through independent firms across the globe. They are also known for conducting research into important business issues and trends such as green packaging.

Thinking Outside The Box explores how companies can improve product planning and managing, achieve waste-reduction goals, and save money through improved packaging. The report also examines the challenges of improving packaging and provides some inspiring examples of innovative new green packaging concepts and practices.

The document warns against simply changing the materials or design without considering all of the ramifications, as that can result in packaging that falls short of its primary purpose – preserving the integrity of a product as it makes its way to the customer.

According to Deloitte, implementing effective sustainable packaging modification starts with life cycle assessment of the environmental impact of a product’s current packaging, then goes on to assess and adjust supply chain planning. Companies must then balance multiple design criteria to ensure their new or improved eco packaging meets the needs of both retailers and consumers.

The report reads in part:

“Sustainable packaging requires a healthy dose of creativity, strategic flexibility, and coordination across multiple functions of the organization. This may involve designers, manufacturers, merchandisers, buyers, suppliers, logistics providers, and marketers – all challenging each other to break free from traditional conceptions of what constitutes packaging and working through the interdependencies that new product delivery models require.

Companies who can embed sustainable packaging considerations throughout their supply chain management processes, from demand-and-supply planning to delivery and returns, can realize substantial environmental and economic benefits.”

A separate 2012 packaging study conducted by Packaging World and DuPont also found that green packaging and sustainable packaging is of growing importance to consumers, and will replace cost as one of the packaging industry’s major challenges within 10 years.

The comprehensible 8-page Thinking Outside The Box: Throw Away Your Current Approach To Packaging PDF is downloadable for free at

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