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Half of All Packaging Redesigns Fail to Meet Expectations

Perception Research Services specialize in packaging and consumer research to help marketers connect with shoppers. They firmly believe in the power of packaging to build brands and drive sales, and are concerned by some of their own recent research suggesting that many marketers are not fully or consistently making the most of packaging as a marketing tool.

For example, a review of more than 10,000 studies found that only half of new packaging systems provide a significant improvement in overall performance over the previous packaging.

With that in mind, Perception reviewed their database of past products looking for key factors in product packaging success or failure to try to understand why some packaging “improvements” failed to meet expectations.

This research revealed five common packaging redesign patterns and/or actions highly connected with disappointing results, including unnecessary redesigns and solving the wrong problem. To learn more about Perception Research’s study, read the full story on Packaging World

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