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How much “Greener” is Stone Paper®?

© Jinyoung Lee |

The latest thing in the eco-friendly movement is Stone Paper®, or paper made out of minerals. The primary component in Stone Paper® is calcium carbonate, present in most minerals readily found on the earth’s surface.  This environmentally friendly process of manufacturing paper has made Stone Paper® popular as a “green” alternative to the usual paper made from trees.

The main question that arises about Stone Paper® is how “green” it really is. The use of calcium carbonate (up to 80%) instead of trees makes it a big hit with conservationists and tree lovers around the world. Stone Paper® is made from a type of filler easily found on our planet, without the disturbance of  the important ecological balance that results from cutting down trees.

Stone Paper® uses just 25 mil BTU of energy for its production, compared to the 52 mil BTU of energy  used to produce paper from trees. Moreover, the usual paper production requires 16,000 gallons of water, compared to only 4,000 gallons of water needed to make Stone Paper®.

Most importantly; there are no trees whatsoever used in the production of Stone Paper®. It is prepared using calcium carbonate and a non-toxic and completely recyclable binding agent HDPE (high density polyethylene) making it recyclable as well. Other important features of Stone Paper® include fire resistance, durability, and tear resistance. It’s also water proof and insect proof, making it ideal for a multitude of uses.

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