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How To Make a Recycled Plastic Lunch Bag

From Simply Rurban - Living Rurally in an Urban Setting…

Do you ever come a cross a recipe, craft, sewing project that you just can’t wait to do/try and then are disappointed with the final outcome?  This is one of those projects.  When I came across the article on re-using plastic bags to make another plastic bag – I was like oh, yeah!  Since I use my own bags when I go shopping it took me awhile to get enough bags to start this project and of course with the waiting came anticipation…

This project needs 4 to 8 plastic shopping bags, but the one’s from grocery stores are too flimsy so you need to have the nicer bags that you get from clothing, book, etc. stores.  That was even harder since I don’t shop very much – least favorite activity, and I either shop used stores or on-line.  I finally accumulated 6 bags, so this past weekend I took out the ironing board and iron and went to work!

For full instructions with illustrations, visit Simply Rurban.

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