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Make Simple but Beautiful Origami Paper Boxes

origami paper boxesJanis Nicolay, a professional photographer, designer, baker, and do-it-yourself crafter needed to make little paper boxes for a party she was going to. She came up with an easy-to-make, practical, yet totally attractive design for an origami-paper box just the right size (7 cm) for that precious little gift you don’t want to get lost or look less impressive in oversize packaging. 

Then she was kind enough to share complete instructions for how to make her origami crafts out of paper, along with helpful professional quality photographs, on her pinecone camp blog. All you need is:

  • Heavy weight paper  (Durable, waterproof, stone paper® would be ideal.)
  • A pencil
  • A ruler
  • An exacto knife
  • A bone folder (a dull edged hand tool used to fold and crease craft materials)
  • White glue or a glue stick

For the complete seven-step illustrated instructions of the paper crafts process, along with lovely and inspirational photos of the finished products, visit Janis’ blog at




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