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Martin Sheen To Host Program on Green Packaging

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) February 20, 2013 – The producers behind the In Focus TV show, an educational TV program starring Martin Sheen, will spotlight a new trend taking hold across America’s consumption-driven economy, sustainable packaging, in an upcoming series. The In Focus Martin Sheen series will look at various ways that companies save money and help the environment by reducing the amount of packaging on the goods and items they produce and sell.

All along the supply chain, from factories to store shelves, companies have started to reduce the impact that their products and the components they make have on the environment. Companies that produce components for use in electronics, automobiles, appliances and other applications can use smaller boxes and less packaging to send these components up the supply chain, where other companies then use these components in their finished products. Smaller packaging costs companies less money, and lead to less waste. Smaller boxes, less Styrofoam and less plastic all lead to less garbage winding up in landfills. 

The In Focus with Martin Sheen show, which is carried on public television outlets across the United States, including some stations affiliated with PBS, will profile different companies across the economy that have reduced their ecological footprint and their expenses by embracing sustainable packaging. The TV program will highlight examples of this “green packaging” trend in many industries throughout the nation, and inform the public about how this trend makes sense in multiple ways. The program’s producers will speak with company executives at firms across the country to learn how using less packaging helps companies save money. 

Consumers have been making it loud and clear that environmentally friendly packaging is important to them, with a recent study by Perception Research showing that “nearly every” consumer is in favour of it. Most think more manufacturers should be using sustainable packaging (although many consumers are reluctant to pay more for it).

According to Perception, “Marketers who invest not only in sustainable packaging development, but also in understanding and connecting with shoppers, are likely to be rewarded at the shelf. In addition, they will be serving the greater public good, by helping shoppers to better appreciate, value – and ultimately pay for – sustainable packaging.”

In Focus is an award-winning series that partner Public Television with a variety of well-know content providers. You can view the original Press Release about the upcoming green packaging trend program on PRWeb.



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