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Stone Paper® is Ideal for Sustainable Packaging

eco friendly packaging Eco-friendly Stone Paper® packaging

Consumers are making it increasingly clear that they want businesses to use environmentally friendly packaging for their products, especially sustainable packaging. The news, entertainment, sports and life style online magazine recently published an article titled 3 Things You May Not Know About Sustainable Packaging, But Should. 

The article, written by Jane Porter, focuses on three things businesses should know about sustainable packaging to help them make the best decisions for their eco-friendly packaging materials:

1) Cutting back too much on packaging can do more harm than good, if it results in damage to the product during shipping.

2) Recycled materials usually aren’t as durable as non-recycled ones. Recycling paper and cardboard made from trees, for example, results in shortened fibers, making them structurally weaker.

3) Traditional paper isn’t always a greener choice than plastic, largely because of how much energy and other resources are used in its production.

While these points may be true of paper made from trees, they do not apply to Stone Paper® – a revolutionary paper made from minerals. Stone Paper® is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper, and is made almost entirely of the common element calcium carbonate, found in many types of consumable products such as toothpaste, pharmaceutical products, or even in dietary supplements.

The calcium carbonate mineral powder is mixed with a small amount of non-toxic resin. The production process uses no wood, pulp, acid, bleach or wastewater, conserving energy and reducing carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions linked to global warming. Stone Paper® is also sustainable – capable of being manufactured with little or no long-term effect on the environment. One ton of environmentally friendly Stone Paper® saves 20 trees and 16,000 gallons of water.

Paper made from minerals is waterproof, tear resistant, insect proof, waterproof, fire resistant, grease resistant, mould resistant, insect proof, and FDA-compliant  food grade. Durable Stone Paper® is available in a variety of thicknesses, from paper-like to as thick as cardboard.

These characteristics address Porter’s concerns about sustainable packaging being damaged during shipping, being structurally weaker, and the energy and resources used in the production of traditional paper vs plastic 

Stone Paper® has been available for several years, and is patented in 40 countries. Demand for it is growing rapidly, especially overseas, but it’s not yet widely known in North America. With more and more businesses and manufacturers becoming aware of its advantages and cost effectiveness, expect to see Stone Paper® used more and more in a wide variety of green packaging.

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