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Sustainable agriculture: Green packaging for better farming

Agriculture was the key sector development in the rise of sedentary civilization. It is now a $2.4 trillion worldwide industry with billions of people employed and five billion hectares of dedicated land. In the US alone, agriculture contributes $1.109 trillion to the GDP, while, in Europe, $171.9 billion each year comes from farming. This is huge.

Tractor working in field of wheat

With 38 percent of the land surface globally used for agricultural purposes, the industry’s impact on our earth and the environment is indiable. The industry often places significant pressure on natural resources and the environment. Factory farming, genetic engineering, irrigation problems, soil degradation, and waste, intensify climate change and hurt our planet. So how can we make farming less harmful to the environment?

Adopting more sustainable practices is a great leap forward! Sustainability helps protect the environment, expands the earth’s natural resource base, and improves soil fertility.


Sustainable farming practices include permaculture, which mimics how vegetables grow in natural ecosystems, and the use of aquaponics and hydroponics to remove the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Sustainable agriculture considers alternative renewable energies and resources, such as wind, solar, and biomass energies which can be harvested forever, providing farmers with a long-term source of income.

Green farming also means earth-friendly food processing and packaging, So when it comes to sustainable packaging, look for solutions that have minimal environmental impact and footprint to protect against landfill overflow. Eco-packaging is so important that, starting 2022, the European Union is committing part of its resources and overall budget to support the mission and sanction all farming that does not respect the new eco-friendly rules.


A smart and affordable solution to sustainable packaging and agriculture is Stone Paper, the cutting edge material that is made out of minerals and is endlessly renewable. Regular food packaging starts to fall apart and disintegrates once in contact with humidity and water, which affects the food inside as well as the environment. Instead, thanks to its waterproof material, Stone Paper keeps the content fresh and eliminates all bacterias.

When it comes to freezing food, such as poultry and meat, for intercontinental and international transportation, Stone Paper keeps the cold within the packaging to ensure temperature control, avoids waste, and protects from bacterias and squashing the food inside. Your food will stay totally fresh and look like it was just prepared!

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 8.50.47 AM

Stone Paper’s packaging can be washed and reused endlessly, not only for agriculture purposes but also for all kinds of other industries, like fisheries, self-self storage, and trading. This makes it the ultimate sustainable material that protects our planet from further depletion of natural resources, and us, humans, from unhealthy and even harmful products.

For more information on how Stone Paper can help your Agriculture and Environmental project make an impact in the sustainable world visit

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