What is Stone Paper®

The primary ingredients in Stone Paper® materials are combination of rich minerals, some of the most common elements on earth. Minerals are the principle component of native elements in nature.

Stone Paper® products are made from minerals, combined with a non-toxic resin. No tree fiber. Depending on the application, Stone Paper® material is comprised more of the minerals than of the resin.

Stone Paper® material is made using a patented mineral paper making technology that does not use water or create air pollution.

No chlorine or acids are utilized in the production process, and the resulting Stone Paper® material is completely non-toxic, and is even food safe.

Below are the key benefits of Stone Paper® material:

  • 100% Tree Free
  • Water Proof
  • Tear Resistant
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Photo Degradable, No Toxic Release
  • Grease Repellent
  • Heat Sealable
  • Fire Resistant
  • Anti Moth
  • Insect Proof
  • Moisture Proof
  • Complies with FDA Standards
  • ROHS Certified (for Electrical and Electrical Equipment
  • Stable Whiteness

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